Which company or team will be selected by NASA to build the Artemis V HLS lander, under NextSTEPs Appendix P?

The National Team (Blue Origin, LM, Draper, Astrobotics, Honeybee)
35 (38.5%)
42 (46.2%)
Someone else
14 (15.4%)

Total Members Voted: 91

Voting closed: 05/19/2023 02:45 am

Author Topic: Who Will Be Selected to Build the Artemis V Lander (To Be Announced 5/19)  (Read 11756 times)

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I have to say when they announced Blue, I was initially disappointed. My inner cynic grumbled something about the triumph of zipcode engineering or something like that. But when they started showing details about their lander (that I'm sure people have already been going into ad nauseum over in other parts of the forum), my opinion changed. I like the new architecture a ton more than the original approach. Bottomloader SSTOs are one of my favorite non-traditional architectures, and a reusable cisluner refueling tug sounds intriguing too. They still have to prove they can execute on complex projects and on time, but it looks like they've picked an architecture worth funding. One that should provide a decent fraction of the benefits I thought Dynetics' ALPACA had over Blue's old solution. Bravo for making me change my mind!

And congrats to the 39% of you that guessed correctly.

Precisely the same as my thoughts.
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I had a similar reaction. Was really surprised and encouraged by how much they improved the whole thing. Imho they thought they had the original bid in the bag, and were shocked out of their complacency when SpaceX won. It now looks like a great design.

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Same here, I think in some ways this is better than the updated Dynetics lander since the thrust loading will always be in the same direction for take off and landing on the moon.  This makes the lander just a bit easier to build.

Hatís off to blue.

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