Author Topic: Kyoto Univ. and Kajima Corp want to build a lunar 1G base  (Read 2186 times)

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So in the grand tradition of japanese general contractor construction corporations exercising their MBA/engineering teams by giving them fanciful megaprojects projects to work on (and likely smelling the japanese government lunar project gravy train of subsidies for japanese moon exploration starting with Artemis missions), Kajima corporation along with Kyoto University, are proposing a rotating artificial gravity structure surface base design.

Their initial design appears to a parabolic cup shape, slightly more extreme in shape on the moon (Lunaglass), a little less so on mars (Marsglass).

it's certainly a new take on the circus maximus anchored ring station concepts.

There's also some talk about a linear catapult launched "train" with rockets for interplanetary travel between orbiting bodies of major planets, which is a callout to the classic japanese anime Galaxy Railroad.


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