Author Topic: Iran seek cooperation with France in the field of commuication satellites  (Read 1715 times)

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Senior Iranian minister visited France to discuss issues regarding to communication satellite - prior to a visit of Iran's president.

From Iranian source:

The International Affairs General Director of ICT Ministry reports of Dr. Vaeziís trip to France with the objective of starting negotiations with the French officials, regarding expansion of cooperation in communication, IT and also Aerospace sector, just before the arrival of President Rouhani and the accompanying delegation.
 The Public Relation Center of Communication and Information Technology Ministry, quoting Dr. Malek, the Ministryís General Director of International Affairs, referred to the expansion of bilateral cooperation with advanced countries of the world, reporting of Dr. Vaeziís trip to France accompanied by 15 private sector representatives of companies active in the IT sector, just before the arrival of the presidential delegation which is currently in Italy.

Malek also included: ďOn this trip, Dr. Vaezi is going to visit companies and organizations active in IT and Aerospace sector, and hold negotiations with them; some of which include Airbus, Telecom, and the Orange corporations.


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