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"Sir Bernard Lovell Rock"
« on: 08/24/2012 05:56 pm »
I am sure most members of this forum will know that Sir Bernard Lovell - founder of the "Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope" site in Cheshire,UK died on 6th August 2012. He was just short of his 99th birthday.

I am also certain that most forum members will recall the story of how Sir Bernard and his team - along with the UK Daily Express newspaper loan of a Muirhead fascimile machine  - scooped the world by receiving and publishing the very first photograph of the surface of the Moon taken by the Soviet Union (now Russia) Luna-9 spacecraft on 3rd February 1966.

In later years,Sir Bernard visited Russia and kept in close liason with members of their Academy of Sciences on spaceflight matters.

I would like to propose that the rock shown in the attached Luna-9 image be officially called the "Sir Bernard Lovell Rock" in memory  of this great radio astronomy pioneer.

I am certain that members of the Russian Academy of Sciences will agree
with this as will many of the Russian cosmonauts who have visited Jodrell Bank over the years (such as Georgi Grechko).

I hope you will join with me in trying to get this rock officially named and recognised as the "Sir Bernard Lovell" rock.

If you agree,please respond here.


Phill Parker
UK (10 miles from Jodrell Bank !)


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