Author Topic: Iran's Mesbah 1 satellite (MIA)  (Read 2731 times)

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Iran's Mesbah 1 satellite (MIA)
« on: 07/10/2011 03:39 pm »
Is there anyone out there who knows definitively what has happened to this satellite?

It was manufactured in Italy for the Iranians and then was supposed to be launched atop a Cosmos-3M.   But the satellite supposedly wasn't delivered for the launch and so was deleted from the manifest.

There seem to be different stories online about the whereabouts of the satellite now.   Some say that it's in Iran while others say it was never delivered to Iran.   Maybe it's still wandering around Russia (which apprently now has banned the launching of satellites for Iran, wherever they may be manufactured) or maybe it's sitting in storage somewhere in Italy.

The Iranians themselves are working on a Mesbah 2 satellite, using the basic design that the Italians used.

Does anyone definitively where the original satellite is?
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