Author Topic: Tour of SpaceX Falcon 9 launch pad SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral (AF Week Media Day)  (Read 2789 times)

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And another short video at Cape Canaveral during Media Day for Air Force Week. Scott Henderson, SpaceX Director of Mission Assurance, takes us on a tour of Space Launch Complex 40, the company's launch pad for its Falcon 9 rocket. The tour starts with Mr. Henderson's introduction on the bus driving onto the complex. We then get out of the bus and tour the launch pad itself. The strongback was in its raised position, as it is on launch day, for some testing. This tour was part of Air Force Week media day events, hosted by the 45th Spcae Wing at Patrick AFB in Florida. Air Force Week celebrates the accomplishments and work done by the United States Air Force in defense of the country. This year, Patrick is one of two installations to host Air Force Week and highlights space-related activities at Patrick, Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center.

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Thanks for the video.  Nice to get up close to where the action is as I doubt I'll manage to do it in person.
The comment on the LOX tank brought back memories.  I was in primary school and remember watching the Apollo flights on black and white tv.  We had the only tv in our street.  Our house was packed.  My brother was in Vietnam supporting the South along with the U.S.  Managed to get back in one piece unlike many others.  He saw the broadcast there as well.  But I digress.
My dad took some photos of the tv broadcast - not great but still history in the making and something I'll never forget.
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