Author Topic: Happy anniversary, the CXST amateur rocket team.  (Read 3125 times)

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Happy anniversary, the CXST amateur rocket team.
« on: 05/17/2010 06:58 pm »
   It was on May, 17th, 2004 that the civilian 'amateur' rocket team,
CXST, successfully launched a rocket from Black Rock Desert in Nevada to a record altitude of 72 miles (117 Km) up; making history in the process;
and starting the 100 kilometer high club for amateurs.
So far, they are the only amateurs in it.

   They became the FIRST amateur & civilian rocket team
to successfully launch their own rocket into space.
Congratulations to them.
Too bad they didn't follow up with a multistage version to put a small
amateur payload into LEO.
Lack of money, BATF hindrance, and the FAA obstacles all contributed to killing that idea.
OK! A more modest goal for someone.
Built your own rocket and launch it to an altitude over 100 miles up,
starting the 100 mile high club.
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Re: Happy anniversary, the CXST amateur rocket team.
« Reply #1 on: 05/18/2010 12:51 am »
Too bad  they have not repeated the stunt
 I have no love lost on the BATF they are generally a useless government organisation.
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