Author Topic: Xingnian (Xingshidai-24) - ? - ? - 2024  (Read 656 times)

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Xingnian (Xingshidai-24) - ? - ? - 2024
« on: 11/30/2023 01:22 pm »
Nationstar Aerospace's "Xing Nian (Star Times-24)" completed factory expert review in Chengdu

On November 26, Nationstar Aerospace organized an expert review meeting for the star screen payload of the "Xing Nian" (Star Times-24) at its Chengdu headquarters. The review expert group listened to the payload development summary report made by the satellite production and research department, and reached a unanimous review opinion: the "Xingnian" (Star Times-24) star screen payload has completed all the work specified in the development technical process. The overall performance of the screen payload meets the technical requirements, the technical status of the payload is clear, the environmental test verification is effective, the quality is controlled during the development process, the payload test coverage is complete, it matches and coordinates with the carrier docking interface, and can meet the mission needs. The Star Times-24 star screen payload is ready for launch and has factory conditions. It will be launched in the near future. This is also the second launch of this star screen payload after the successful launch of the Star Times-16 satellite on July 22, 2023. .
The Xinglian (Xingshidai-24) 星念号(星时代-24)will be launch recently, might be January, 2024, from Taiyuan?
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Re: Xinglian (Xingshidai-24) - ? - ? - January, 2024
« Reply #1 on: 11/30/2023 03:14 pm »
If we follow the title of this news, the pinyin name of this satellite should be called "xingnian" instead of "xinglian". "xinglian" in Chinese often refers to the low-orbit internet constellation of the American spacex company. You may need to learn more about Chinese. Pinyin is a very interesting thing, isn't it?

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Re: Xingnian (Xingshidai-24) - ? - ? - January, 2024
« Reply #2 on: 11/30/2023 04:10 pm »

The Xinglian (Xingshidai-24) 星念号(星时代-24)will be launch recently, might be January, 2024, from Taiyuan?

Do you have any source for the January 2024 launch date, or are you assuming that it is going to be launched in January 2024?


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