Author Topic: PSLV-XL? - Exploration Company Bikini RV Technology Demonstrator - NET Jan 2024 - TBD  (Read 2358 times)

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Interesting launch with unique use of PS4:

#Update #Space #India

Come January, a petite European spacecraft, christened #Bikini, will hitch a ride aboard India’s trusted #PSLV, soaring to a staggering altitude of 500km before making a re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere and plunging into the deep sea. 1/n

Weighing a mere 40kg, Bikini is the brainchild of The Exploration Company, a European startup aiming to make inroads into the in-space delivery sector. Bikini's success promises to unlock new possibilities, propelling the firm toward even grander re-entry missions in future. 2/n

Originally slated to partner with Arianespace, The Exploration Company has secured a contract with Space PSU NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) owing to delays in the development of the Ariane 6 rocket. 3/n

For the re-entry endeavour, NSIL will harness the PSLV's final stage — the #PS4. NSIL CMD Radhakrishnan D told STOI: “This marks our maiden voyage into such a venture for a customer. Our plan involves mounting the re-entry capsule onto PS4… 4/n

…Once our primary satellites have been deployed post launch, the PS4 will part ways with Bikini.” While the ultimate destination of Bikini’s descent is yet to be determined, the capsule will not be recovered by The Exploration Company. 5/n

That said, the data from Bikini's journey during the re-entry will serve as a valuable building block for the evolution of the firm’s re-entry and recovery technologies. 6/n

#PS4 has been used by India for PSLV Orbital Experimental Module (#POEM) experiments. However, for POEM, PS4 becomes an orbital platform, that is, the instruments are housed in PS4 which orbits Earth while conducting experiments. 7/n

This won’t be the case when it carries the European capsule. In Bikini’s case, it would be attached to the top of PS4 and remain there until the main mission is complete. 8/n

And given that Bikini will have no propulsion systems, it would rely on the PS4 to reach an appropriate altitude from where it could re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. 9/n

“For the main mission, the altitude being targeted is around 500km. PS4 will then come out of that orbit, deboost itself with Bikini and separate from the payload while at an altitude of 120-140km. From there, Bikini would fall back into the sea,” Radhakrishnan said. n/n
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This doesn't seem to be a dedicated launch, what are the primary payload(s)?

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Is the capsule guided or purely ballistic? I would assume it is not guided.

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Is the capsule guided or purely ballistic? I would assume it is not guided.
Ballistic upon separation from PS4 for the maiden reentry technology demonstrator.
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