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Sisir Radar
« on: 06/17/2023 03:41 pm »
As originally posted here (, Tapan Misra, former director of SAC, ISRO, has started a company called Sisir Radar to build drone-mounted SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar). At SAC, ISRO, he was responsible for building various SAR technologies for RISAT series among other things.

Sisir Radar recently test flew their software-defined SAR named "Rabbit SAR" on a drone to prove its capabilities: [17 June 2023]

"The drone fitted with SAR was flown (on Friday) at a place called Sonarpur, about 50 km from Kolkata," Tapan Misra, Founding Director and Chief Scientist, Sisir Radar Private Ltd, told.

"The SAR is of mass 14 kg including structure and its own power source. It will have six antennas, three looking at either side of the drone. It can operate either single polarization and interferometry mode or full polarimetric mode. We tested in single polarization and interferometry mode," Misra added.

According to him, technology wise it is a novel one. The SAR is designed at L band with 1 metre resolution.

"Nobody has this capability of resolution at this band," Misra said.

"It is India's first Software Defined Radar. Ninety per cent of the SAR RF section is implemented in digital, in python language," he said.

"We want to take drone SAR to market both globally and domestically. Our next target is building satellite SAR in L band with unthinkable one metre resolution. It will be the first of its kind in the world. We will build a constellation of High Resolution L band SAR satellites for our defense requirements and global marketing."

Tapan Misra: and
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