Author Topic: An update on ISRO's activity - including SSLV and semi cryogenic engine developm  (Read 1544 times)

During IAC2019 in Washington DC I spoke with S Somanath  (Director of VSSC) and R Umamaheswaran (Scientific Secretary)  from ISRO on Thursday 24th October.  Amongst the several topics, I asked about the progress on SSLV and the semi cryogenic engine development.

Other topics included - potential participation with NASA on its Artemis programme, ISRO’s innovative Orbital Platform (repurposing the 4th stage of a PSLV), Human Spaceflight and Gaganyaan, engine development, potential new launch site Kulasekharapattan (yes I struggle to say this!), status of Chandrayaan-2 and future international collaboration.

The 50 min audio interview is vailable here


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