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well there are 6 or so different models of monopoles ranging from frozen defects in space time exotic particles to wormholes. Some wormholes (probably all) would result in a monopole simply because the other pole would be either an insane distance away from any near pole or else would be in another dimension or at another set of time coordinates. If you pass a magnetic field line through a wormhole the other end develops an opposition force as part of the cosmic back reaction principle which was posited to forbid traversible wormholes. So one end of the wormhole would be south seeking polarity then the other end wherever/whenever it is would be north seeking. It sounds to me though that a wormhole derived monopole would really be an emergent monopole derived from a regular magnetic field and its' interaction with exotic topology. Though cosmic or other topological defects themselves are considered a path to a monopole.
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I think one of the reasons he and many others may have a problem with mono-poles is within Maxwell's equations where the divergence of B = 0 

You have this entirely backwards. The divergence is set to 0 specifically because no magnetic charges have ever been observed. Filling in mu_0 times the magnetic charge density would resolve this. In fact, if you then add a magnetic current density to the curl of E equation, the result is that Maxwell's equations become significantly more symmetric. The relativistic transformations of the Electric and Magnetic fields still hold. Everything fits together so well, it is almost strange that magnetic charges don't seem to exist.

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Dang. At the risk of derailing... IIRC Classical Electrodynamics only produces a discrete quanta for electrical charge if at least one monopole existed at least at the time of symmetry divergence. Also don't they have something to do with hiding the mathematical negative (by mathematical signs) mass/energy of all the stuff in the universe or something?
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Is that magnetic charge physical or not… Is an electron really made of "two magnetic charges" or is the magnetic field just a description of the electrodynamic interaction of two charged particles in motion relatively to each other, due to their spin?

Physically speaking, it depends of how you answer the question what is the magnetic field.

Simplistic view: when you cut a magnet in half, you don't get two separate North pole and South pole, you get two dipole magnets. You can cut the magnet again and again and again down to the atomic level: finally you'll reach the electron which is still a magnetic dipole. It's like saying you want to slice a window glass so thin because you want a window with only one side.

So according to this view, the magnetic field is something that comes out from an electric flow (current) and not the other way around, and it is always a dipole. And the magnetic monopole cannot exist.

But is an electron made of two magnetic charges? When explaining the origin of mass and inertia, some people including the media tell it is due to a particle, the Higgs boson. Although they omit to say it is just a hypothesis, and others hypotheses for the origin of inertia do exist, like the Mach-Einstein-Sciama-Woodward hypothesis, or quantized inertia (MiHsC). But at this point choosing between them is rather a matter of belief.

Dirac's equations plead in favor of the existence of discrete magnetic charges and magnetic monopoles. Observation does not. What is reality?

My understanding of the magnetic field is incomplete, since there is no electric charge in movement in the propagation of an electromagnetic wave in a vacuum, although there is a magnetic and electric fields associated with the wave. I admit I don't understand the physical meaning of an EM wave, I have always seen this as a mathematical trick and not a true description of reality, especially as there is no æther as a medium for the propagation of the wave and its EM field. Except EM waves are really propagating in vacuum, so… I'll stop there, because I can't add more to the debate. But you get the idea.

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Call for a new thread, so on to Thread 10.

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