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spacecraft engines concept design
« on: 11/21/2021 12:43 pm »
Hello. Im not an engineer, but I designed some engines for a spacecraft that have a good chance for existence.

1. Engine on nuclear or non nuclear shockwave detonations thrust. Atomic bombs or hydrogen bombs are very powerful and can create a shockwave to push a spacecraft. The most important thing need to find is very strong thrust chamber that will stand all this detonations.

2. Electromagnetic interference of waves.
When waves cross each other they create a counter force that opposes the spacecraft and create motion.

3. Electric thrust like in Tesla coils. No need to explain the details. Electrical discharge can create a force that can move a spacecraft.

4.  Using Mechanical force and vibrations, like on the pictures.
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Re: spacecraft engines cocept design
« Reply #1 on: 11/21/2021 01:56 pm »
1. There are studies about nuclear bomb propulsion going back to the 1960s. For Project Orion, they did tests on small-scale models using conventional explosives, that shows the idea can be made to work.

2. sounds like a rail gun. Currently under development for the US Navy.

3. How does the electrical discharge create a force?

4. those mechanical designs don't work. You can't create a net force without ejecting mass from the ship.


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