Author Topic: NASA class MMOD as primary threat to commercial crew vehicles  (Read 51134 times)

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Keeping the door (hatch) closed is a mitigation for PNP (where damage to the visiting vehicle creates a hazard to ISS), not LOC/LOM.

What is PNP? Is it Probability of No Penetration?


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 Not to beat this thing to death, but triangulation wouldn't be as bad as you might think. You mostly just need to use the first indication from each sensor and ignore all the rest to eliminate reflections, long path and second time around signals and any other source that's not the most direct route through the metal. It shouldn't be too hard to filter out sensors that are inconsistant with most of the rest. Good GPS receivers can do the same thing to overcome multipath in addition to ignoring signals that don't match up with the rest.
 Coming up with an arthroscopic type probe and repair tool for the hard to reach spots would be an interesting project.
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It is probably too late for the CCDev craft but NASA is planning spacestations, Moon & Mars habitats, landers, manned rovers and long range transfer vehicles containing both habitats and large propellant tanks. These are at early stages of development.

NASA could commission tasks to devise light weight monitoring equipment and triangulation techniques suitable for complex shapes such as spacecrafts. The sensors could be further apart in some sections.


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