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ULA Commercial Crew Resources
« on: 10/15/2012 03:26 pm »
Given we have a ULA Forum Section, I've decided to move all ULA commercial crew related threads (leading to articles, discussions and so forth) into the ULA Forum Section:

For threads specific to the spacecraft they (Atlas V) are aiming to launch, they will remain in the Commercial Crew Section.

So for example, Dream Chaser threads will remain here. CST-100 threads will remain here. Atlas V Human Rating threads are now in the ULA Forum Section.

The new ULA Section is 300 threads strong already, but there's no question the Commercial Crew section will grow into a monster over the coming years....providing we aren't left with a SpaceX sole supplier situation.

L2 Members please note you have the additional section in L2 for Commercial Cargo and Crew, here:
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