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Title: PLA plastic model touch-up clues.
Post by: markbike528cbx on 06/17/2022 03:27 am
I have a Dragon capsule/trunk in 1:144 scale, 3D printed.

This model is 3D Printed in very high quality White PLA Plastic!
This model sits at 2.2 inches tall or 1/144 scale!


How best to remove the obvious 3d circumferential rings.
and how to do the trunk "grooves"

The SuperDraco exhaust panels are a weird silver, in some lighting it looks almost white.

I am building a rocket display in 1:144 scale exclusively to show scale (I found a car in 1:144).

Disclamer. this in Ebay $9.00 item. I am not at the level of Manfred roma847. The model has obvious (to forum members ) errors, as in window in the entry hatch etc.  My goal is to get it reasonably correct for non-rocketnerds.  The picture is highly modifed for contrast.  The actual item looks much better.
Title: Re: PLA plastic model touch-up clues.
Post by: markbike528cbx on 06/19/2022 12:38 am

Used 400 grit (30 micron) sandpaper to get the obvious 3d printing artifacts done.
Perfect? Heck no. Good enough, probably.
I then used black Sharpie (TM) to color in the solar cell panels and the windows.
I left the center (hatch) window uncolored as a test of obscure knowledge.

Silver Sharpie (TM) used for SuperDraco blast shields and bottom of capsule.

Edit added silver sharpie