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Title: Luojia-3 01 - CZ-2D? - Taiyuan - October 2022
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武汉大学一颗学生卫星将于下月27日在文昌发射 (
A "student" satellite of Wuhan University will be launched in Wenchang on the 27th of next month

The "Venixing Star" micro-nano satellite developed by Wuhan University students as the main body of research and development is scheduled to be launched on February 27 at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan on a Long March 8 rocket in the manner of "one arrow with multiple satellites".

The launch of this satellite will also kick off the intensive launch of Wuhan University's self-developed satellites this year. On the 29th, Academician Li Deren said in an interview with a reporter from Changjiang Daily that the satellite launch of Wuhan University this year will be very lively: "Luojia 3" will be launched in Taiyuan in July this year, which will be the world's first Internet intelligent optical satellite. , a multi-angle radar satellite will be launched in the second half of the year, and they are all sub-meter high-resolution satellites.

武大学生造卫星下月发射! (
Wuhan University's "student-made" satellite will be launched next month!

"The Venus satellite is scheduled to be shipped from Wuhan University on February 5, and will undergo intensive testing and assembly after arriving at the Wenchang launch base on February 7." Jin Guang said, if weather conditions permit, the satellite is scheduled to be launched in February On the 27th, together with many other satellites, it was launched into space with the Long March 8 carrier rocket.

Jimu News reporters learned that Wuhan University, relying on the Institute of Astronautics, will launch "Luojia 2 01", "Luojia 3 01" and "Luojia 3 02" in the future. Among them, "Luojia No. 3 02 satellite" is the first high-precision intelligent remote sensing satellite independently designed, manufactured, integrated and tested by Wuhan University, and its main technical indicators are at the highest level in China.
Is this Luojia-3 01 will be launched with Jinzijing-3/4 ( by one vehicle?
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中国卫星技不如人? 这颗将发射的卫星, 能提供实时卫星图像 (中国卫星技不如人%20这颗将发射的卫星,%20能提供实时卫星图像.html)
China's satellite is "not as good as others"? This satellite to be launched can provide real-time satellite images

According to Indian media reports, China will provide incredible services to the world. In July this year, China will launch an earth observation satellite called "Luojia-3 01", which has a powerful telescope with a resolution of 0.7 meters and can accurately identify license plates at a distance of 500 kilometers.

Indian media said that after the launch of the satellite into operation, China will have the ability to provide 100% real-time satellite images and videos. It is worth mentioning that the satellite service is available all over the world, and the public can enjoy convenience.

"Luojia No. 3 01" chief engineer Wang Mi said that when the satellite is put into use, any events happening somewhere on the ground can be broadcast to mobile devices on the ground in real time, with a delay of no more than 10 minutes.

Ground mobile devices include smartphones used by citizens, that is, through smartphones, citizens can view real-time photos and videos obtained by satellites in real time.
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The "Luojia-3" satellite to be launched by Wuhan University this year is the world's first Internet satellite, which can be operated by mobile phones to provide more convenience for public users. "
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Has there been any NOTAM issued lately for the Luojia-3 satellite launch?
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Has there been any NOTAM issued lately for the Luojia-3 satellite launch?

No longer July, delayed to Oct 20 as of today (see Chinese schedule).
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乘势而上打造商业航天新高地东方航天港产业发展大会在海阳举行 (
Taking advantage of the momentum to build a new highland for commercial aerospace - the Oriental Aerospace Port Industry Development Conference was held in Haiyang

Li Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that in 2022, in accordance with the "Luojia" satellite project plan, the "Luojia No. 3" 01-star intelligent remote sensing satellite that will verify the real-time transmission of remote sensing images to user terminals will be launched. The Oriental Aerospace Port was settled in Haiyang, Shandong, and the local government vigorously developed the whole chain industry of satellite manufacturing, launch and application. My team and the Haiyang government hit it off, and the "Oriental Eyes" constellation plan came out. We are looking forward to relying on the Oriental Aerospace Port to cooperate with Haiyang to build the "Oriental Eye" intelligent remote sensing satellite constellation and carry out industrialization promotion. With the commercialization of satellites as the core, my country's aerospace industry has been vigorously promoted to a new level.
The Luojia-3 01 will be launched in 2022.