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NASA Space Tech You Use Every Day
« on: 03/15/2023 03:02 pm »

Mind-blowing NASA Space Tech You Use Every Day Without Knowing! SpaceX, Tesla, Canon, Apple...

You might think that NASA's space technology is only used for space missions. But, did you know that everyday items such as memory foam, camera sensors, scratch-resistant glasses, and water filtration systems are the result of space research? Join us on this journey to discover amazing spinoffs from NASA's space tech!

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🤵 Hosted by Sawyer Rosenstein (@thenasaman)
🤵 Written by Sawyer Rosenstein (@thenasaman)
🎥 Video from NASA, ESA, CSA, PiccoloNamek, Ryan Caton/NASASpaceflight, Pexels, Artgrid, Goodyear, Apple, UK MoD, Sh7dm, Antonio Zugaldia
✂️ Edited by Ryan Caton (@DPodDolphinPro).
💼 Produced by Kevin Michael Reed(@kmreed).

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