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I stumbled upon a project lost in the archives of ESA related stuff, that i knew nothing about! It was a small rover testing platform, to learn how to do bigger stuff, and they were learning from the design of prop-m soviet rover too.

Anyway, do you guys have anything else to this regard? any other info or photos etc?

Here is the document i found from 1998
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Re: Micro ROSA ESA Rover (Robotic Sampling System)
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I found a few more things

From the article below, dated 2003

"Another area of innovative technology R&D is the development for use in scientific space missions of mini- and micro-robotics for planetary exploration. The micro-rover NANOKHOD built by the German company von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH (vH&S) for ESA's Technology and Research Programme illustrates the potential of European research and development. The NANOKHOD is can transport and operate scientific payload instruments in the vicinity of a planetary lander. With a total mass of roughly 3 kg (including payloads), the rover can accommodate as much as 1 kg of instrument payloads and can operate in extreme operating environments with temperatures as low as 170C."
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Re: Micro ROSA ESA Rover (Robotic Sampling System)
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There are some further informations (incl. abstracts) on the web page of vH&S:
Apparently, Nanokhod was at some point considered for BepiColombo.   

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