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What rovers do you think NASA will use?
« on: 02/02/2022 09:10 pm »
Do what do you guys think will be one of the other rovers NASA will use? theres the Spacex Cybertruck concept, or JAXA's Lunar Cruiser! I personally like lunar cruiser the best.

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Re: What rovers do you think NASA will use?
« Reply #1 on: 02/15/2022 06:14 pm »
The Lunar Cruiser from JAXA/Toyota looks neat, there is some good light material on it in this Toyota Times youtube video, speaking with Toyota and JAXA representatives. It showcases some of the testing and training development going on.

In this video, there is an overview of the Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) starting at 21:56, the non-pressurized rover to be used with EVA suits on (a la Apollo), and an overview of the Habitable Mobility Platform (HMP), the pressurized rover with external EVA suit mounting, starting at 25:10.

My expectation/hope is that there will be commercially procured vehicles, both for pressurized and non-pressized, and that these elements will serve as studies to inform the requirements and industry. NASA released a Request For Information for the LTV last fall, but I imagine the HMP RFI will be a long time from now:

**edit** I forgot about the Lockheed + GM LTV:, and Northrop's LTV as well:
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