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Artemis II (EM-2) UPDATE thread - May 2024eeergo5229048
Artemis III (EM-3) UPDATE thread - 2025Vahe23199110334646
SpaceX Starship : Orbital - First Flight : Starbase, TX : NET April 2023Alberto-Girardi532210228
Landing By 2024?StarshipSLS13839975
SLS General Discussion Thread 6gongora1130240877
Predictions 2021scienceguy10332366
Failed ProjectsTom Schmidt204655
Second SLS Mobile Launcher preps for construction as hardware arrives at KSCChris Bergin148598
Which SHLV Will Fly 1st?TomH8227595
What will be the next date announced for Artemis 1?Proponent176289
How long will the SLS program endure?Proponent4911501
Possible High Bay 1 Reactivation Study?jadebenn44523
SLS VAB Questionsjadebenn72266
Artemis-1 KSC processing updatesjacqmans276162211
Boeing to propose SLS-launched lander for HLS bidjadebenn12837334
Mobile Launcher 2 Contract Awardedjadebenn269058
Could validation of transpiration cooling enable reuse of sustainer core rocketsStan-196721374
Which new heavy/superheavy LV is first to reach orbit? dlapine7822470
SLS Lander?Caleb Cattuzzo6419623
Europa Clipper’s launch date dependent on SLS Mobile Launcher readinessChris Bergin10841351
Moog video Oct 2017Geron02124
SLS EM-1 & -2 launch dates realign; EM-3 gains notional mission outlineChris Bergin12541935
SLS: Higher payload without second stagesevenperforce8431265
New Rockets Time for First Launchesspacenut63583
Mars Direct updated for the 21st Centuryredliox4720239
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