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Re: Navigation Technology Satellite-3 (NTS-3)
« Reply #20 on: 08/30/2022 09:26 am »
Launch now scheduled for mid-to-late 2023.

New head of AFRL space vehicles looking for talent to help push technology forward [dated Aug. 29]

Quote from: SpaceNews
The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate over the next three years hopes to launch big-ticket military experiments, including a GPS-like navigation satellite, a solar power spacecraft and a deep-space mission to monitor regions around the moon.

An $84 million experiment scheduled to launch in mid to late 2023 is the Navigation Technology Satellite-3 (NTS-3), which will fly to a geostationary Earth orbit to augment the positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services provided by GPS satellites.


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