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Offline Tywin

First on the Moon
« on: 05/24/2023 08:23 am »
Who is gonna land first...I know the Moonship is scheduled first...
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Re: First on the Moon
« Reply #1 on: 05/24/2023 08:46 am »
I'm still having a hard time believing any of them will get there.
The conops just seem too advanced to me  :o
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Re: First on the Moon
« Reply #2 on: 05/30/2023 12:38 am »
I'm learning towards Moonship getting on the moon first, and for two reasons:
* The SLS and Starship have carried out their first launches, and the Artemis 3 mission will utilize the HLSvariant of the Starship for the lunar landing component of that mission
* Components for the first New Glenn rocket (the planned carrier aircraft for the Blue Moon lunar lander) are still being fabricated, and SpaceX plans to conduct its second Starship launch in a few months

Offline Galactic Penguin SST

Re: First on the Moon
« Reply #3 on: 05/30/2023 03:31 am »
Chinese crew lunar lander
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