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Preparing as an engineer to perform at SpaceX
« on: 08/30/2018 12:31 pm »
It's the dream of many young mechanical and aerospace engineers like myself to be a part of accomplishing the things SpaceX is working on.

But reading about working about SpaceX makes one nervous about whether or not they are up for the work involved. Not in terms of the stress or long hours, but rather in terms of the technicality and pace of work.

The mission demands the best and brightest engineers, but should the engineering talent and capability of SpaceX engineers or the nature of the work intimidate someone with a strong work ethic (specifically at the entry and early-career levels)?

What types of hard skills are necessary? What sorts of things should be known off the top-of-the-head? Proficiency with what sorts of design, simulation, and analysis tools?

Do more abstract skills that contribute to the bigger picture such as ideation, as opposed to more technocratic skills like calculation, have a place (again, especially at the entry-levels)?

All serious engineers study beyond the scope of their curricula to develop themselves and their skill sets; we work to get better in whatever we are deficient in.
But how do we know if we're up to the tasks of working SpaceX? Is there good teamwork and rapport between colleagues there? Consideration given for the learning curve of new work?

Thanks for your insights

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