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Launch vehicle designers with 10+ US launches 2025-2029deltaV113423
Kerosene/LOX US LVsedkyle99142958
SpaceX F9 : Starlink group 5-12 : CCSFS SLC-40 : 23 June 2023 (15:35 UTC)zubenelgenubi8118396
SpaceX progress towards a 100 launch yearxyv850191326
SLS/Falcon 9 concept designBringBackSuperHeavies!42480
Q&A: has SpaceX F9 set new record for launches in a year?FutureSpaceTourist104086
Ashlee Vance book: When the Heavens Went on SaleFutureSpaceTourist308738
New global record: 3 successful orbital launches in 67 minsFutureSpaceTourist11668
SpaceX Falcon 9 : Arabsat BADR-8 : CCSFS SLC-40 : 27 May 2023 (04:30 UTC)gongora18245415
SpaceX F9 : Starlink group 4-34 : CCSFS SLC-40 : 18/19 Sep. 2022 (00:18 UTC)SPKirsch24558079
Which year will have the most Falcon 9/Falcon Heavy launches?DanClemmensen4416960
Impact of Atlas V retirement on the X-37BVahe23199112371
SpaceX F9 - Eutelsat 10B - CCSFS SLC-40 - 22/23 November 2022 (02:57 UTC)eeergo18365270
POLL: Number of SpaceX orbital flights in 2022Lar6825641
Video: who will be king of smallsat launchers?FutureSpaceTourist539140
Should SpaceX construct a launch facility in northern California?Vahe231991165571
Falcon 9 deorbit sequence question435321455
SpaceX F9 : USSF-36 : 2025gongora105539
Computational requirements to land a booster.nicp338815
Rideshare Payload : MBZ-SAT 2024Olaf41960
Use Cases for Extended Fairing on Falcon 9jpfulton31483827
Next Moon flightTom Schmidt6325728
SpaceX F9 : Starlink v1.0 Flight 2 : January 6/7, 2020 : Discussionvaporcobra9651079
SpaceX F9 : Intuitive Machines IM-1 : KSC LC-39A : 15 Feb 2024 (06:05 UTC)gongora367463332
LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Gathering Supportersjetfuelman4522080
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