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SpaceX F9 : MDA CHORUS : Florida : Q4 2025
« on: 11/21/2023 06:38 pm »
Discussion thread for launch of MDA's CHORUS satellites.

Launch expected in Q4 2025 to 53.5 degrees from Florida.

CHORUS has two satellites, C-band SAR and X-band SAR, in a 53.5 degree 600 km altitude orbit, with the X-band trailing the C-band by 60 minutes.[Oct 25]

BRAMPTON, ON, Oct. 25, 2023 /CNW/ - MDA Ltd. (TSX: MDA), a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly expanding global space industry, announced today at its Earth Insight customer conference that it has selected SpaceX to be the launch service provider for CHORUS, MDA's next generation Earth observation constellation. CHORUS is targeted to launch on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket in the Q4 2025 launch window from Florida.

A collaborative multi-sensor constellation, CHORUS will bring together diverse and unique imagery and data sources and provide a new level of near real-time insight and innovative Earth observation services. Operating in a unique mid-inclination orbit, CHORUS will be able to image day or night, regardless of weather conditions, with daily access of up to 95% of the coverage area. From an industry-leading 700km-wide imaging swath down to sub-metre high resolution, CHORUS will provide the most extensive and unrivalled Earth observation radar imaging capacity available on the market in a single mission.

"The production of CHORUS is well underway and we are looking forward to once again working with SpaceX to launch our next generation Earth observation capability," said Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA. "The Earth is big, dynamic and evolving daily, and our ability to see, measure and analyze what is happening in near real-time and over time is imperative to meeting the needs of our global customer base. The insight that CHORUS will provide to governments, companies and organizations around the world will drive decisions and action, and will help to solve some of the biggest problems facing our planet."

From looking at other information, this launch will have 2 satellites going to a 53.5 inclination.
Both CHORUS satellites will be placed into the same orbit, with CHORUS X trailing CHORUS C by 60 minutes. The orbit will be an inclined, non-sun-synchronous orbit, at an altitude of approximately 600 km and inclination of 53.5.

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