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35 Years Ago Today.....
« on: 02/01/2006 02:15 am »
(I wanted to post this earlier, but work day was busy.... but it's still before midnight here in EST)

I've told this story more extensively on other sites in the past- but think it's worth repeating for those who've never heard it.....

For the launch of Apollo 14, I was assigned to small group with the duty of escorting a certain distinguished V.I.P. around the Cape.  It was a thrill of a lifetime because this man, even more than the astronauts we grew up knowing, had been a great hero and influence to me.  On the evening following the launch, he gave a public lecture in conjuction with a local technical society- and after his talk invited questions from the audience and press.  
Finally, a reporter stood up with the obvious hope that he'd get a story by playing devil's advocate.....

"Do you ever think all this money being spent on space could be put to better use on earth?"
The room fell silent; and without hesitation our distinguished guest replied,
"No.  Going into space represents our dreams; and dreams- are more important than anything."

Words to remember.  Oh, the name of that V.I.P.?
Jacques Yves Cousteau


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