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The former MV Liberty Star
« on: 11/06/2023 11:55 am »
This morning I checked on to see what ships were plying the waters of Hampton Roads, Virginia prior to going on my walk to the beach. I found one with an unusual name nearing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It was called the TV Kings Pointer. When I clicked on it I found it was the former MV Liberty Star, one of the two vessels used to recover the Space Shuttle SRB's. She was transferred to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 2012 and has been giving great service as a training vessel. I walked up to East Beach in Norfolk but was unable to see her. She took the northern passage through the CBBT and was over the horizon. She is currently enroute to New London, CT. I am glad to see that she has found a new life.

"We have a pitch and a roll program and man this baby is really going!"


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