Author Topic: Humanity's Most Iconic Moments In Space - Tim Peake  (Read 703 times)

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Astronaut Reviews Humanity's Most Iconic Moments In Space | WIRED

Oct 23, 2023
ESA Astronaut Tim Peake visits WIRED to have a look back at pivotal moments in the history of human space flight, captured in 8 unforgettable photographs.

Published by Penguin Cornerstone on 26th October, Space: The Human Story written by Tim Peake, marks the first time that the human history of space has been told, illustrated through the stories of the 628 individuals that have left Earth over the past 60 years including Tim himself. With details only an astronaut would know and is based on extensive research alongside hundreds of conversations Peake has had with his fellow astronauts, Space: The Human Story is the definitive story of humans in space, marking Peake’s first foray into writing 20th century history.

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