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Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space)
« on: 04/17/2022 03:33 pm »
I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet:

Beyond Gravity and Amazon announce partnership

"Amazon has awarded space technology provider Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space) a major contract to design and manufacture the scalable dispenser systems for its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, Project Kuiper. This single largest order in Beyond Gravity’s history, which will support dozens of launches, underscores the company’s strong position in New Space."

"Fast, affordable broadband for people worldwide – this is the ambitious mission behind Project Kuiper, an Amazon initiative to increase global broadband access through a constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Amazon will soon begin deploying its initial constellation of 3,236 satellites and has selected space technology provider Beyond Gravity (known as RUAG Space until the rebranding on March 14, 2022) to develop and manufacture the custom, scalable dispenser systems that can accommodate multiple medium- and heavy-lift launch vehicles. Beyond Gravity is building a new facility in Linköping, Sweden, to support the development work, double its production capacity for dispensers and create 60 additional jobs on site."

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RUAG will also be building Vulcan and Ariane 6 fairings.

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RUAG will also be building Vulcan and Ariane 6 fairings.

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Beyond Gravity (BG) will as the reorganised successor of RUAG Space. Beyond Gravity is wholly owned by RUAG Group and the Swiss Confederation. BG is manufacturing
the PLF's, separation systems, select computers for the Ariane 5, 6, Vega, C, E, Atlas- V, Vulcan, and the H3 families.
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Two years ago on Nov 21, 2020, the ocean-monitoring @ESA @NASA satellite 🛰️Sentinel-6 launched into space🚀. The satellite uses a novel navigation receiver 🧭from us, which can process both European Galileo signals and US GPS signals #OTD (c)ESA.


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Re: Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space)
« Reply #4 on: 03/22/2023 01:11 pm »
@Ruag's @BeyondGravity_S space division: Double-digit increase in 2022 rev & backlog, EBIT loss w/ investment in rocket fairing, payload dispenser capacity (thanks @Amazon Kuiper); business to be sold by 2025.


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