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Starlink : Index Thread
« on: 09/07/2019 10:43 pm »
This is just a summary of Starlink information to get it all in one place.  This post will be updated over time.

NSF Threads for Starlink:

Starlink : SpaceX FCC filing for a 4425 satellite constellation (original thread for discussion of the FCC filings)
Starlink : New FCC and ITU Filings (use this thread going forward for discussion specifically related to the FCC filings)
Regulatory Filings in Other Countries

Starlink : General Discussion - Thread 1 (general Starlink discussion)
Starlink : General Discussion - Thread 2 (general Starlink discussion)
Starlink : General Discussion - Thread 3 (general Starlink discussion)

Starlink v2 Mini sats
Starlink : On Orbit Satellite Tracking / Maneuvers
Starlink : On Orbit Tracking - Periodic Updates
Starlink : Hardware Design / Manufacturing
Starlink Internet Connection equipment - Home/Office user
Starlink: Discussion of orders and preorders
Starlink : Markets and Marketing
Starlink : Uses other than LEO Communications
Starlink : Satellite Spotting
Impacts of Large Satellite Constellations on Astronomy
Launching Starlink with Starship
FCC NGSO Constellation filings

FCC Filings:


These are the Starlink Ku/Ka-band filings for 4425 satellites.  Approved March 29, 2018
Deployment milestone dates: 50% March 29, 2024.  100% March 29, 2027.
(the 1275km and 1325km shells are STEAM-2, others are STEAM-1)

This is the Starlink V-band filing.  It has 7000 additional satellites in a VLEO constellation and adds V-band frequencies to the original 4425 satellite Ku/Ka-band constellation.  Adopted November 15, 2018 (document released November 19, 2018.)
Deployment milestone dates: 50% November 19, 2024.  100% November 19, 2027.

This modification would allow the initial shell (1584 sats) of the Ku/Ka-band constellation to be deployed at 550km altitude instead of 1150km. It also changes the configuration in that shell to 24 planes of 66 satellites.  The old plan was 32 planes of 50 satellites in that shell.
Approved April 26, 2019

SAT-MOD-20190830-00087 / SAT-STA-20190924-00098
This modification would restructure the 550km shell to have 72 planes of 22 satellites.  Approved December 19, 2019.

This modification would lower the rest of the satellites that were to be deployed above 1000km, and move them into the 540-570km altitude range.  It would also change the inclinations of some planes, placing 520 of the satellites into 97.6 degree orbits, 720 in 70 degree, 1584 in 53.2 deg, 1584 in 53 deg.
Submitted April 17, 2020  Granted April 23, 2021

SAT-LOA-20200526-00055  Callsign: S3069
This filing for the second generation Starlink constellation has 30,000 satellites between 328km and 614km altitude using Ku-, Ka-, and E-band frequencies.
submitted May 26, 2020
partial grant Dec. 1, 2022 for up to 7500 satellites at 53, 43, 33 degrees inclination, Ku- and Ka-band.
Must launch 50% by Dec. 1, 2028, and rest by Dec. 1, 2031

SAT-AMD-20210818-00105  (
This filing amends the second generation constellation. It lists two different orbital configurations that could be used depending on which launch vehicle is available for deployment (whether Starship is successful).
Submitted 2021-08-18;topic=48981.0;attach=2060851;sess=45420

This filing asks to add two small frequency blocks at 2000-2020MHz and 2180-2200MHz for MSS service.  The payload would be added to the Starlink Gen1 sats.

Organizational Structure:

The satellites (and associated government filings) belong to Space Exploration Holdings, LLC, a "provider of satellite broadband services" that is a direct wholly owned subsidiary of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

The ground station and user terminal filings have been done by SpaceX Services, Inc., a sister company of Space Exploration Holdings, LLC.

TIBRO Corp. seems to be used as a parent organization for local branches set up in various countries to hold the local telecommunications licenses needed to provide service.  Canada, Australia, Netherlands, UK.  (branches have been added in many other countries, and many of the names have been changed from TIBRO to Starlink).

Starlink Services, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of SpaceX) holds the rights to the winning SpaceX bids from the RDOF auction and will be the telecommunications carrier implementing service in the US.


Date        Mission          Starlink Payloads                   Launch#
--------------  .-------------------------- .-------------------------  -------- 
2018-02-22PAZ with Tintin A & Tintin BTwo test sats, polar orbit2018-020
2019-05-23Starlink v0.960x Ku-only prototypes, 550km2019-029
2019-11-11Starlink v1.0 L160x 550km/53°2019-074
2020-01-06/07Starlink v1.0 L260x 550km/53°2020-001
2020-01-29Starlink v1.0 L360x 550km/53°2020-006
2020-02-17Starlink v1.0 L460x 550km/53°2020-012
2020-03-18Starlink v1.0 L560x 550km/53°2020-019
2020-04-22Starlink v1.0 L660x 550km/53°2020-025
2020-06-03Starlink v1.0 L760x 550km/53°2020-035
2020-06-13Starlink v1.0 L858x 550km/53°2020-038
2020-08-07Starlink v1.0 L957x 550km/53°2020-055
2020-08-18Starlink v1.0 L1058x 550km/53°2020-057
2020-09-03Starlink v1.0 L1160x 550km/53°2020-062
2020-10-06Starlink v1.0 L1260x 550km/53°2020-070
2020-10-18Starlink v1.0 L1360x 550km/53°2020-073
2020-10-24Starlink v1.0 L1460x 550km/53°2020-074
2020-11-24Starlink v1.0 L1560x 550km/53°2020-088
2021-01-20Starlink v1.0 L1660x 550km/53°2021-005
2021-01-24Tranporter 110x 560km/97.6°, ISL on all2021-006
2021-02-04Starlink v1.0 L1860x 550km/53°2021-009
2021-02-15/16Starlink v1.0 L1960x 550km/53°2021-012
2021-03-04Starlink v1.0 L1760x 550km/53°2021-017
2021-03-11Starlink v1.0 L2060x 550km/53°2021-018
2021-03-14Starlink v1.0 L2160x 550km/53°2021-021
2021-03-24Starlink v1.0 L2260x 550km/53°2021-024
2021-04-07Starlink v1.0 L2360x 550km/53°2021-027
2021-04-28/29Starlink v1.0 L2460x 550km/53°2021-036
2021-05-04Starlink v1.0 L2560x 550km/53°2021-038
2021-05-09Starlink v1.0 L2760x 550km/53°2021-040
2021-05-15Starlink v1.0 L2652x 550km/53°2021-041
2021-05-26Starlink v1.0 L2860x 550km/53°2021-044
2021-06-30Transporter 23x 560km/97.6°2021-059
2021-09-13/14Starlink Group 2-151x 570km/70°, v1.52021-082
2021-11-13Starlink Group 4-153x 540km/53.2°, v1.52021-104
2021-12-02Starlink Group 4-348x 540km/53.2°, v1.52021-1xx
2021-12-18Starlink Group 4-452x 540km/53.2°, v1.52021-1xx
2022-01-06Starlink Group 4-549x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-001
2022-01-18/19Starlink Group 4-649x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-005
2022-02-03Starlink Group 4-749x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-010
2022-02-21Starlink Group 4-846x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-016
2022-02-25Starlink Group 4-1150x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-017
2022-03-03Starlink Group 4-947x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-022
2022-03-09Starlink Group 4-1048x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-025
2022-03-19Starlink Group 4-1253x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-029
2022-04-21Starlink Group 4-1453x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-041
2022-04-29Starlink Group 4-1653x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-045
2022-05-06Starlink Group 4-1753x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-049
2022-05-13Starlink Group 4-1353x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-051
2022-05-14Starlink Group 4-1553x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-052
2022-05-18Starlink Group 4-1853x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-053
2022-06-17Starlink Group 4-1953x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-062
2022-07-07Starlink Group 4-2153x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-076
2022-07-10/11Starlink Group 3-146x 560km/97.6°, v1.52022-077
2022-07-17Starlink Group 4-2253x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-083
2022-07-22Starlink Group 3-246x 560km/97.6°, v1.52022-0xx
2022-07-24Starlink Group 4-2553x 540km/53.2°, v1.52022-0xx

Earth Station Locations (Hummy's Map of Gateways)

TypeBandLocationFile NumberCall SignGranted
---------------  -----  --------------------  ------------------------- .----------  --------- 
UT (FSS)KuNationwideSES-LIC-20190211-00151E190066Y
UT (MSS)KuNationwideSES-LIC-20210309-00698E210092N
UT (MSS <=500)KuNationwideSES-AMD-20210731-01295.N
UT (FSS 1M->5M)KuNationwideSES-MOD-20200731-00807E190066N
UT (FSS nextgen)KuNationwideSES-LIC-20210708-01019E210127N
UT (MSS gen2)KuNationwideSES-LIC-20210803-01360E210309N
UT (HP MSS)KuNationwideSES-LIC-20210803-01361E210310N
TT&CKuBrewster, WASES-LIC-20190405-00453E190163Y
GatewayKuMerrillan, WISES-LIC-20190402-00425E190129Y
GatewayKuGreenville, PASES-LIC-20190402-00426E190130Y
GatewayKuRedmond, WASES-LIC-20190402-00427E190131Y
GatewayKuHawthorne, CASES-LIC-20190402-00450E190161Y
GatewayKuNorth Bend, WASES-LIC-20190402-00451E190162Y
GatewayKuConrad, MTSES-LIC-20190402-00454E190164Y
GatewayKuMcGregor, TXSES-LIC-20201023-01214E202185Y
GatewayKuHonolulu, HISES-LIC-20210518-00803E210110N
GatewayKuMaui, HI..N
GatewayKaMerrillan, WISES-LIC-20190906-01171E190725Y
GatewayKaGreenville, PASES-LIC-20190906-01170E190724Y
GatewayKaRedmond, WASES-LIC-20190827-01110E190676Y
GatewayKaHawthorne, CASES-LIC-20200210-00150E200455Y
GatewayKaConrad, MTSES-LIC-20190816-01062E190648Y
GatewayKaLoring, MESES-LIC-20190816-01063E190649Y
GatewayKaKalama, WASES-LIC-20200210-00148E200453Y
GatewayKaArbuckle, CASES-LIC-20200327-00325E201193Y
GatewayKaPanaca, NVSES-LIC-20200402-00367E201371Y
GatewayKaCharleston, ORSES-LIC-20200402-00365E201369Y
GatewayKaBoca Chica, TXSES-LIC-20200406-00375E201415Y
GatewayKaMcGregor, TXSES-LIC-20200406-00374E201414Y
GatewayKaLitchfield, CTSES-LIC-20200410-00399E201606N
GatewayKaWarren, MOSES-LIC-20200410-00400E201981Y
GatewayKaNemaha, NESES-LIC-20200417-00422E201763Y
GatewayKaManistique, MISES-LIC-20200422-00443E201990Y
GatewayKaSlope County, NDSES-LIC-20200422-00442E201989Y
GatewayKaAdelanto, CA (LA area)SES-LIC-20200428-00458E201993Y
GatewayKaCass County, NDSES-LIC-20200430-00472E201995Y
GatewayKaSanderson, TXSES-LIC-20200505-00498E201998Y
GatewayKaSpringer, OKSES-LIC-20200528-00576E202007Y
GatewayKaColburn, IDSES-LIC-20200616-00647E202113N
GatewayKaButte, MTSES-LIC-20200616-00648E202116Y
GatewayKaTionesta, CASES-LIC-20200616-00645E202111Y
GatewayKaHitterdal, MNSES-LIC-20200616-00649E202114Y
GatewayKaBaxley, GASES-LIC-20200616-00646E202112Y
GatewayKaRobertsdale, ALSES-LIC-20200616-00650E202115Y
GatewayKaProsser, WASES-LIC-20200701-00687E202123Y
GatewayKaRoll, AZSES-LIC-20200701-00686E202122Y
GatewayKaVernon, UTSES-LIC-20200709-00735E202125Y
GatewayKaInman, KSSES-LIC-20200714-00758E202127Y
GatewayKaEvanston, WYSES-AMD-20200730-00803E201370Y
GatewayKaPunta Gorda, FLSES-LIC-20200811-00860E202144Y
GatewayKaTracy City, TNSES-LIC-20200903-00966E202151Y
GatewayKaKuparuk, AKSES-LIC-20200903-00965E202149Y
GatewayKaGaffney, SCSES-LIC-20200903-00976E202152Y
GatewayKaRobbins, CASES-LIC-20201020-01153E202176Y
GatewayKaWise, NCSES-LIC-20201023-01173E202179Y
GatewayKaMandale, NCSES-LIC-20201021-01160E202178Y
GatewayKaDumas, TXSES-LIC-20201019-01147E202175Y
GatewayKaHamshire, TXSES-LIC-20201208-01396E202201Y
GatewayKaMarcell, MNSES-LIC-20201208-01397E202202Y
GatewayKaLockport, New YorkSES-LIC-20210105-00015E210002Y
GatewayKaHillman, MISES-LIC-20210303-00425E210043Y
GatewayKaBroadview, ILSES-LIC-20210311-00471E210051Y
GatewayKaLawrence, KSSES-LIC-20210311-00469E210049Y
GatewayKaNorcross, GASES-LIC-20210311-00472E210052Y
GatewayKaFort Lauderdale, FLSES-LIC-20210311-00470E210050Y
GatewayKaLunenburg, VTSES-LIC-20210322-00572E210059Y
GatewayKaSullivan, MESES-LIC-20210322-00573E210060Y
GatewayKaKetchikan, AKSES-LIC-20210420-00722E210102Y
GatewayKaRolette, NDSES-LIC-20210412-00662E210089Y
GatewayKaFairbanks, AKSES-LIC-20210412-00666E210090Y
GatewayKaNew Braunfels, TXSES-LIC-20210423-00756E210105Y
GatewayKaNome, AKSES-LIC-20210527-00861E210114Y
GatewayKaKenansville, FLSES-LIC-20210601-00878E210116Y
GatewayKaElbert, CO?SES-LIC-20210729-01285E210298Y
GatewayKaMolokai, HISES-LIC-20210915-01588E210417N
GatewayKaFrederick, MDSES-LIC-20211027-01751E210421Y
GatewayKaBeekmantown, NYSES-LIC-20200327-00326E201194Y
GatewayKaColumbus, OH..N
GatewayKaPonce, PR..N
GatewayKaApra HeightsTumon, GU..N
GatewayKaToa Baja, PR..N
GatewayKaSheffield, ILSES-LIC-20220307-00239.N
GatewayKaClinton, ILSES-LIC-20220307-00240.N
GatewayKaCheyenne, WY..N
GatewayKaDes Moines, IA..N
GatewayKaNorth Bend, WA..N
GatewayKaCharleston, SC..N
GatewayKaAnderson, SC..N
GatewayKaBlountsville, ALSES-LIC-20220514-00538.Y
GatewayKaRomulus, NY..N
GatewayKaBrunswick, ME..N
GatewayKaAngola, IN..N
GatewayKaArlington, OR..N
GatewayKaSheffield, IL..N
GatewayKaClinton, IL..N
GatewayKaArvin, CA..N
GatewayKaBoydton, VA..N
GatewayKaSavannah, TN..N
GatewayKaElkton, MD..N
GatewayKaPort Matilda, PA..N
GatewayKaOlympia, WA..N
GatewayKaWichita Falls, TX..N
GatewayKaRichardson, TX..N
GatewayKaThe Dalles, OR..N
GatewayKaHillsboro, TX..N
GatewayKaMarshall, TXSES-LIC-20220514-00529 .Y
GatewayKaSavanna, OKSES-LIC-20220514-00534.Y
GatewayKaSan Antonio, TX..N
GatewayKaMurrieta, CA..N
GatewayKaAnchorage, AK..N
GatewayKaBellingham, WA..N
GatewayKaProsser, WA..N
GatewayKaYork, PA..N
GatewayKaHawthorne, CA..N
GatewayKaWagin, WA, AU.10021790Y
GatewayKaBoorowa, NSW, AU.10021789Y
GatewayKaBroken Hill, NSW, AU.10021787Y
GatewayKaPimba, SA, AU.10021788Y
GatewayKaCromwell, NZ..Y
GatewayKaWellsford, NZ..Y
GatewayKaCCAFS, FLSES-LIC-20200422-00444E201991W
GatewayKaDe Leon Springs, FLSES-LIC-20200402-00364E201368W
GatewayKaSavannah, TNSES-LIC-20200402-00368E201372W
GatewayKaCoalville, UTSES-LIC-20200402-00366E201370.
GatewayKaPrudhoe Bay, AKSES-LIC-20200430-00471E201994N
GatewayKaQuincy, WA..N

SpaceX FCC Consumer Equipment: 2AWHP (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.)
Router: 2AWHPR201
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Re: Starlink Index Thread
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Re: Starlink Index Thread
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Re: Starlink Index Thread
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Re: Starlink Index Thread
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Re: Starlink : Index Thread
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Re: Starlink : Index Thread
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Musk then said “we have good satellite coverage from ~57 degrees latitude to ~39 degrees. More gateways mean improved latency. Aiming to get it below 20ms over time.”

“As more satellites reach their target orbit, more planes come online. We should be at 36 planes with all faulty satellites replaced by spares by Jan. That will give us continuous coverage down to around 30 degrees. By the end of next year, we hope to have full global coverage, including the poles.”


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