Author Topic: Satellite signals intelligence in the 1960s  (Read 177085 times)

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Re: Satellite signals intelligence in the 1960s
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Those are interesting finds. I'll have to think about them and maybe summarize a bit here, but one thing it indicates is that apparently the COMINT mission for RHYOLITE was suggested right from the start, not after it was flying. Maybe it only was incorporated into a later satellite, but the potential for doing COMINT was recognized from the beginning.

Also amusing to see the rivalries. As some of my other research on the low altitude satellites has indicated, there were always tensions with NSA. It seems like other agencies did not like NSA and didn't trust them.

Not all new, just a bit clearer in latest versions, but definitely an interesting story. [Edit: Though I see that the names RUNWAY and RAINFALL did not appear in the earliest releases, and the material about latter on page 409 was completely redacted, see e.g. 2007 version at . There has been at least one intermediate version.]

Have a look at the pages I posted from Butterworth as well
as taken together with the Johnson history they do I think indeed show COMINT as being part of the RHYOLITE story, though itís admittedly not ultra clear yet.

[Edit: And see also the 1970 Lew Allen memo   in a previous post of mine, reposted below, that refers to Perry and what appears to be a failed bid to do what sounds like the COMINT mission, how all this joins up remains unclear for the moment.]
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