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Re: Titan IIIC- a question in terms?
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Bumping for an extremely old thread (2006)....

Titan IIIC First Launch - Cape Canaveral SLC-40, Multiple Views, 1965

Jun 22, 2023  #titan #ksc
Multiple camera views of the first Titan IIIC launch on June 18, 1965. Side-by-side views are shown along with historical narration and recreated flight audio.

AI upscale (Topaz AI) was used to resample the film to full HD resolution. While it works in most cases, some artifacts are present in some sequences.

Sound and image cleanup,  conversion to original 24 fps frame rate, geometry correction and AI upscale and color restoration by RetroSpace HD.

The Titan IIIC was an expendable launch system used by the United States Air Force from 1965 until 1982.

It was the first Titan booster to feature large solid rocket motors and was planned to be used as a launcher for the Dyna-Soar, though the spaceplane was canceled before it could fly. The majority of the launcher's payloads were DoD satellites, for military communications and early warning, though one flight (ATS-6) was performed by NASA.

The Titan IIIC was launched exclusively from Cape Canaveral while its sibling, the Titan IIID, was launched only from Vandenberg AFB.
At 1:45 in video "21,000 lbs of lead". 
Do I want to know :
a) is it still in orbit?  No*
b)was it fully demizable? (presumably to lead oxide) or
c) came down :"like a ton of lead" times 10?

*1412    1965-047A    LEAD BALLAST    17 Jun 1965    28 Jun 1965    Decayed    

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