Author Topic: Is this modern space race having the same impact on technology as the original?  (Read 4414 times)

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It is not a race if there is only one participant.

There're two participants, China is doing not talking, US is talking (e.g. Nelson) but not doing (not the government part).

Also, a space race is between countries and not companies.

It is between countries: China and US. What a nation's commercial space company do is part of the soft power of that nation, this is implied by the OST and very much recognized by China: China space authorities name Elon Musk’s SpaceX an ‘unprecedented challenge’
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It is not a race if there is only one participant.

Also, a space race is between countries and not companies.

I agree there is no race between nations.  Both are proceeding at a pace that suits their program needs.  I do not agree that space races can only be between countries.

I think the "race" for China is about who is perceived to be the most technologically advanced, and SpaceX does stand as a proxy for the US in that regard.  They have publicly stated their intent to be the leader in Space activity.   When looking at global activity in launch & LEO operations, who is copying NASA & who is copying China when it comes to their launcher roadmap going out 10 yrs, 20yrs, etc.? 

As to the impact on technology, current efforts have much more to build on for solving the same fundamental problems. The premise that any "race" can be measured by the same standards is not correct.

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Wow, maybe you guys could spend a little more time helping this student instead of devolving into the usual snarkfest among yourselves? (Oh no! Now I’M saying it!!)

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to use hand grenades to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.

Teach him to write software and he'll buy the fishing village.

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there is no space race.

IMHO, it's a race against time to get to living off world, to become truly space-faring.  (i.e. colonise mars, rotating space stations, crops in space at scale etc), before people lose heart or we run out of a vital resource at an economical extraction effort.  The economic growth of the past 4 centuries is largely down to ever faster depletion of finite resources, as things stand renewables offer a non-catastrophic landing at best.. we've got a very long way to go.. in a future energy and mineral depleted world space could become beyond reach once again, thus failure to make it right now could seal our fate for a very long time, perhaps ever.

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Also, a space race is between countries and not companies.

The SpaceX fans never received the memo.


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