Author Topic: Hidden NASA code - Orion parachute (prelaunch Artemis)  (Read 1016 times)

NASA is at it again - new parachute hidden code!

In February 2021, the parachute of the Perseverance had a hidden code - the solution was a nod to JPL who was a significant contributor to NASA’s Mars mission.

In a recent pre-launch video that explained the detail of the Artemis mission, I found a hidden code in the Orion module parachute. When decoded it reads “Eiffel Tower” - this is a nod to the ESA who is a significant contributor to NASA’s Moon mission.

It would be good to see if this hidden code is visible when the Orion module returns to Earth (or was it just a pre-launch Easter egg by NASA/ESA?)

Video 1 (3 mins) - what I found
Video 2 (3 mins) - how I decoded it
Video 3 (2mins) - why relevant

Let me know your thoughts :)

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Re: Hidden NASA code - Orion parachute (prelaunch Artemis)
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Huh. Cool!
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Anyone got any idea how to let NASA and ESA know of this discovery? I tagged them in a Twitter post but Im new to Twitter and have no followers, so not sure they will get it. I also sent them a contact via eforms on their websites a few weeks ago and got no reply from either. Surely someone in the ESA knows that this is hidden in the Orion parachute? Ideas on how to contact them are most welcome. Thanks and best wishes.


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