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A quick visual aid for the scale of the sat variants.

Interesting that the brightness mitigation document they posted at the end of July kind of suggests that gen2 satellites will have L shape similar to gen1 satellites. I can imagine how two solar arrays you pictured might work but I would expect the description of "terminator tracking" and the illustration to be more specific about how each array rotates.


To scatter sunlight hitting the front side of the solar arrays, the second-generation satellites will
point the solar arrays away from the Sun when crossing the terminator (the line on Earth's
surface separating night and day) in a maneuver called "terminator tracking." This maneuver
will point the knife edge of the solar array at the earth limb, which minimizes brightness when
viewed from the ground, as shown in the image below.
Phew, Space Coast Live is gonna give me a lot of work spotting boosters if they keep launching like this. Just a few minutes ago another Falcon 9 booster passed by the VAB at KSC, likely to be B1069-3 for Hotbird 13F launch next week from SLC-40.

B1073 - Lower right picture..
Special Report: SpaceX Tests New DETONATION Suppression System for the Orbital Launch Mount!

CSI StarBase
Pretty good.  Worth the watch.  His analysis of the changes they made to the water and nitrogen lines under and around the launch mount is quite informative. 

He's also made sense out of why they're doing it differently in Florida.  Where they have more water and a catch basin.
That and the lack of land to convert into wetlands to keep the ACoE happy, so as to be able to properly build in the catch basins/holding ponds.
The audio stream has ended, but unusually has not been made private.

Next up: targeting tomorrow, October 6 for a Falcon 9 launch of the @Intelsat G-33/G-34 mission. The 67-minute window opens at 7:07 p.m. ET →

Deployment of 52 Starlink satellites confirmed – completing SpaceX’s second launch in ~7 hours!
The audio stream has switched to the webcast view!
Confirmation of separation!

Congratulations to SpaceX and Starlink for the successful launch!
Pad photo and mission patch
T+1 hour 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Separation should be occurring about now.
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