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(Current and active L2 members ignore this if clicking it directly, this is a redirect thread for non-L2 members who've clicked on a L2 Section/Link.)


Why are you seeing this thread? That's because you've clicked on a link that is only accessible to L2 members and you've been redirected here as a non-L2 member.

What's L2? L2 is our subscription area and our support mechanism for covering the costs of this site (not least the hosting that allows us to afford to run this large site and a bandwidth-heavy forum). By joining L2, you directly support the site - think along the lines of the "Patreon" model a lot of sites use these days, but with L2 membership you get a lot more benefits as L2 has been built up over 15 years with a huge amount of exclusive content.

In summary, join L2 - from as little as $19.99 for a two-month membership pass - support NSF, gain a huge amount of exclusive content and the link you just clicked to land here will then be accessible.

How to Join L2.

1) Want a bit more info? Click here:

2) You're already sold and want to upgrade ASAP? Click here:

Thank you for your support!
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