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L2 Membership Q&A Section - 2023 Update
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Here's some helpful answers to any potential questions about your L2 membership, from joining, to renewing. Also, you can ask questions covered or if you require any additional clarification.

1) Why do I need a username?

A) The forum software requires you to be logged in so it knows you're a L2 member (a setting we add to your profile when you join) to give you access to the L2 sections.

2) Why did you move L2 subscriptions to the NSF Store?

A) We previously used just a Paypal link. A number of people wanted to join L2 but didn't want to use that avenue. With subscriptions now in the store, you have multiple options (including Paypal) and it centralizes and aligns better with how we use your support to push NSF forward.

3) Where does my support money go?

Unlike a lot of space sites, a parent company does not own NSF. As such, all revenue into NSF gets reinvested into the production of NSF content. Thanks to the store format, there is next to no service fee cut, so NSF benefits far more than - for example - super chats on YT, which are still amazing and gratefully received, but Google takes a big cut.

4) Why is L2 in the format of a forum?

A) Multiple reasons, from it being a similar format to those who have previously accessed the open forum areas, through to the ability of our forum to host images, video and downloadable pdfs and files - something that requires an external link you have to click on the likes of Reddit. Everything is hosted on NSF servers here.

It also allows you to discuss the info, ask questions, see additional context in the replies, etc. All L2 threads start with actual L2 content, with a few set discussion threads to keep the update sections clean of nonupdate posts. This helps it become interactive and very useful when people savvy in the subjects covered via content add their own posts.

5) I'm in L2 and I see the vast amount of photos being uploaded and some I really like. Do I get to keep those even if my subscription ends?

A) Yes. You could join for L2, download everything (it'd take you more than two months because L2 is a massive database of content that's been built since 2005 (covering space flight from the 1950s to today) and you'd get to keep it after your access expires at the end of your term.

6) Can I repost any L2 content on other sites/social media?

A) No, that would be a breach of your membership. No member-only area of any site allows public reposting.

7) What if I wanted to gift a L2 membership to a friend or relative? Can I do that?

A) Yes! L2 subscriptions only require a paid subscription and a username:
More on "gifting":

8 ) What is this Lifetime people keep talking about?

A) Lifetime L2 was at the request (over 10 years ago) from members who were renewing year on year. A one off price for lifetime L2, never needing to renew again). More details on that option are available to both current L2 members and anyone (it's rare, but it's happened) who wants to jump in. I'd recommend you test L2 out first, of course.

L2 Lifetime also includes Lifetime access to our NSF Member Discord (a Capcom or above YT Membership Perk), via an invite with some extra discord channels related to NSF L2.

9) Is L2 worth it? I mean, is it?

A) Yes (well, I would say that). I'll set up a thread (link to come) for L2 members to say what they like about it so you can get a more balanced view. But yes ;)

10) I think I did it wrong when trying to join. I need help.

A) Totally here for you. You can DM/PM me here. E-mail me [email protected] - DM me on Twitter (I have open DMs: - heck you know I'm always about, so fire me a message. I'll help you for sure.


Any questions not covered? Add them below! Main ones will be copied into this top post.
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