Author Topic: Chandrayaan-1 launch - First Indian mission to the Moon - October 22, 2008  (Read 133823 times)

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Thank you.

I am now confident that MIP did not clear the ridge and fly over it to crash in Sverdrup crater. It has to be on the Connecting Ridge.

Does that mean the "Jawahar Sthal" you've geolocated (that landing ellipse around 89.55S, 122.93W) should now lie on or slightly before the Spudis range? Or whether you mean you're confident of the work you've so far shown in your poster?

Another thing to mention here is that the De Gerlache range and the surrounding ridges are a candidate spot for atleast three of the future missions that we know of-

1) Intuitive Machines' IM-2 mission (as you also mentioned in the poster). A slight correction is to be made where you wrote PRIME-1 as their lander's name. PRIME-1 is the name of the NASA drill they'll be carrying as a payload [Source-]. Nova-C is the lander's name, one that can also be seen on their website-

2) ESA's Moon Village base. Source- (Forward the video to 24:25 mark)

3) ISRO-JAXA's joint Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX)- This site is one among the 19 potential candidates selected in and around the Lunar South Pole. [Source-]

So if we get lucky, at least one of these missions should be able to spot something on the ground there.
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Quite right about the lander name.  i have updated our poster to correct it.  Thanks.

I am now confident about what appears in the poster and abstract.  The earlier idea that the spacecraft might have passed over the Connecting Ridge and impacted in Sverdrup crater can be ruled out.


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