Author Topic: Starship for Spanish Kids and for everyone (Lunarship, live launches...)  (Read 3032 times)

I´m AstronautaLiLi, I just talked with Chris B - NSF and he recommend me to write here my Youtube channel to recommend spanish people (also kids) my channel about space exploration, science, Solar System, and of course everything about SpaceX.

You can see every week weekly news about space, with sports and weather section! And see also all the lives launch in my Nebula One spaceship.

For more information please visit my website:

Attached you can see for example my lattest news from this week:

I hope to create a great spanish community to collaborate with you Chris B - NSF.
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I think what you are doing is great! Keep it up!

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It would be cool to be able to get Spanish-language space news of similar timeliness to all these obsessive English-language Starship stalkers--you might be able to reach substantial untapped audiences. Spanish is a second language for me, but I liked the episode I listened to, so for my narrow purposes it is the sort of thing that works well to prevent my Spanish abilities from decaying.
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I watched parts of some of your videos recently and was really annoyed.

Annoyed that I don't know any Spanish. Because the enthusiasm and production was so great that it would definitely have become one of my favorite channels if I knew the language.

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Muy lindo formato, ¡y más linda la actitud!
Keep doing it because you have an excellent format.

Many thanks for the support you give me, I love space so I try to do my best =)

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Starship is EXTREMELY close to Mexico.

I've seen a few Mexico-side videos of Starship test flights, but I've wondered if there aren't any Mexico-side equivalents to Lab Padre or whatever. Since I don't speak Spanish, I wouldn't know.

Anyone who speaks Spanish, are there any dedicated groups who livestream Starship launches from the Mexico side?

(Also, fantastic that you're doing this, astronautalili... And yes, I see you're in Spain, nowhere close to Mexico, but I did wonder if you knew if there were any folks on the Mexican side.)
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Chris  Whoever loves correction loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

To the maximum extent practicable, the Federal Government shall plan missions to accommodate the space transportation services capabilities of United States commercial providers. US law

Many thanks!!! I reach 10K followers on Youtube =), I will celebrate with a special video.

Till then here you have my latest weekly news:

List for news:

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Tremendo trabajo, espectacular. Me alegra que haya alguien tan entusiasmada con el espacio sideral, y con enseñar a los niños. Se me olvida, esa acaba de abrir solicitudes para su nuevo grupo de astronautas. No te olvides de solicitar.


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