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Re-purposing SpaceX hardware for mid term exploration of MarsSlarty10806716254
Speculation - Larger BFRjpfulton31463303
Preparing as an engineer to perform at SpaceXprh393904048
CNBC Interview with Gwynne May 22, 2018ehb8428932
LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Gathering Supportersjetfuelman4522080
Dragon Landing Accuracy D1 vs D2Wolfram66126728
How many orbital flights will the Falcon 9 & Heavy family do before retirement?Galactic Penguin SST4120229
Predictions for 2022 (Five years from 2017)scienceguy6124064
Integrating ITS and NASA for Mars missionsredliox3421216
Lowering Rocket noise 14dB using 0.5% of the flow john smith 1974083
SpaceX Falcon 9 : CRS-12 : August 13, 2017 : LAUNCH VIEWINGNext Spaceflight2117079
Larger than ITS - The next generationDnA9155023267
Mars Direct updated for the 21st Centuryredliox4727775
Could the ITS Booster do Mars Direct?redliox3014893
Initial Mars base with ITSpunder127182
Launch, Land, and Relaunch Party ThreadChris Bergin81572062810
SLS vs. Falcon Heavy Raptor: Hypothetical ComparisonDnA9152217202
Could SLS work for a Mars Direct architecture?redliox4521083
Preferred Landing Sitessanman14150203
Keeping tanks pressurized during flightMbhoward63462
Reusability effect on costsRadical_Ignorant1448484107
Starliner’s first complete hull mated at Kennedy; crew launch delayed to 2018Chris Bergin1914910
SpaceX to the moon: mission profilessevenperforce8137814
An Outer Shell for the MCT Propellant DepotIonmars2411138
Creating SpaceX UHD/4K BackgroundsTaezel01662
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