Author Topic: Kourou ALFS reopening - Arès 23 NG launch (2020)  (Read 1114 times)

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The ALFS ("Aire de Lancement de Fusée-Sondes", Sounding rocket launch area) in Kourou should reopen soon for the launch of an Arès 23 NG sounding rocket from the University of Cayenne and Kourou!

This will be the first launch from the ALFS in more than 40 years. The ALFS has seen more than 400 flights (I am doing an accurate count) of French, American and Soviet rockets. The launch will take place in a few months.
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Re: Kourou ALFS reopening - Arès 23 NG launch (2020)
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Arès student rocket launches are part of the French Perseus project. Normally they launch at the annual C'Space launch event in France.
As prove to the puding: a tweet from DutchSpace.
A new rocket will soon fly from Kourou, no it is not Vega-C or Ariane 6 but a smaller one, Ares 23 NG under the PERSEUS project, launch planned "in a few months", it will use the former ELFS side (Ensemble de Lancement Fusées-Sondes) used by Veronique, the first launch from CSG

CNES page: (in French)
From that page;
A previous ARES 23 SEL'N'ROLL launched at C'Space 2016. It's a project from IPSA Space Systems (link to paper)
The rocket will weigh ~20kg, it will be 2,7m long, it has a diameter of 160mm and will reach 1300m height at apogee.
All video's about ARES 23 have been removed from Youtube. Was it roll control?

Lots of changes are happening with European sounding rocket. Interesting times ahead.
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