Author Topic: New Suborbital Forum Section Intro  (Read 4496 times)

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New Suborbital Forum Section Intro
« on: 12/26/2015 04:44 pm »
A new section - as requested - for Suborbital launches.

I've moved the more obvious threads from "Other Launchers"....but I know I will have missed a bunch, so please post links to threads that need to be moved here in this thread and I'll move them across. I'm thinking mainly commercial, given there's some national efforts aimed at going orbital.
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Re: New Suborbital Forum Section Intro
« Reply #1 on: 12/26/2015 11:00 pm »

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Re: New Suborbital Forum Section Intro
« Reply #2 on: 01/04/2016 04:40 pm »
Most of the European small launchers will start as sounding rockets.
Tranquility aerospace Devon two (2) is created by staging two sounding rockets Devon One and Devon Zero.
PLD Space Arion 2 will be developed after Arion 1 a sounding rocket.
Nammo (Norway) with the NorthStar launch vehicle will be developed form components that are initially developed for the NorthStar Sounding rocket family. Nucleus (planed for 2016), Aurora, NorthStar1 (Aurora+Nucleus) and NorthStar2 (Borealis+Aurora) will be developed before NorthStar LV (Borealis+Aurora+Corona).
S3 Soar is a suborbital vehicle that can serve to deploy an upper-stage at high speed at high altitude.
Aleline is a suborbital first stage that can loft a second stage that can accelerate a satelite to orbital velocities.
VLM will serve as launch vehicle for Sferix 3 (an suborbital vehicle).
General Orbit will also be suborbital for some time.
BlueOrigin is suborbital until they develop there XS-1 contender or there Satellite launch system.
The suborbital systems will be operational before the orbital systems. So maybe it's more appropriate to move the treads of these companies to the suborbital section. Or make two treads for all these companies, one orbital and one suborbital. I fear this will get messy, good luck with organizing this.

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Re: New Suborbital Forum Section Intro
« Reply #3 on: 01/08/2016 11:00 am »
Can you move these:
PLD Space:

And for Nammo NorthStar, do you want one thread for both the NorthStar Sounding rockets and the Launch Vehicle. Or do you want to make two threads one here about the sounding rockets and the current one;


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