Author Topic: NSF's Chris Gebhardt interview with "Daily Planet" for Discovery Channel Canada  (Read 2573 times)

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It's been a long week, and my apologies for just getting around to posting this. 

Last Friday after the successful launch and landing of CRS-13, the science show Daily Planet for Discovery Channel Canada asked me to do a spot for them on the CRS-13 launch, landing, and science objectives.

Here is the link to watch.  It's just over 3 minutes long.

Online Chris Bergin

There's seasoned veterans who wouldn't get all the top points across so well. How lucky are we to have Chris G here?

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There's seasoned veterans who wouldn't get all the top points across so well. How lucky are we to have Chris G here?


Great job Chris G.

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The video clip link is available until: Feb 16, 2018 (stated at link web page)

Most Bell Media video clips have a limited free viewing period.

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Very well done Chris.  Congratulations are in order.

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Well done! You are a natural for video Chris, and I agree with others that you presented lots of information in an easy to understand way. I liked your explanation about the experiments that were being carried to the ISS - I didn't know that.

NBC has created a Snapchat channel that has 2-minute long video segments for easy consumption - might be an option for you and NSF in the future...  :)
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Chris, you never cease to amaze with your knowledge, authenticity and communication skills that shine through enthusiastically... I'm certain the great Walter Cronkite is smiling with approval some where, well done sir. We are indeed fortunate here on NSF! :)
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Excellent! Well done Chris! :-)

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Yes. An excellent recap.

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I saw this clip when it was aired. Very good news story.
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