Author Topic: The Physics behind Inertia Control  (Read 2120 times)

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The Physics behind Inertia Control
« on: 12/16/2017 08:25 PM »
The present topic is an attempt to address/share an idea/proposal in regards to the basic principles (and not only)/postulates of Inertia Control that are based on established Physics (Newtonian Physics). The ultimate goal is the design of a detailed experiment (existing prototype) that will control Inertia (no moving parts) through electromagnetic fields.

Newton's general equation of Motion tells us that an object can be set in motion either when an external force is exerted upon it or an amount of its mass is expelled from it or an amount of mass is being displaced by it. An implicit condition to this is that object's center of mass does not change with time.

Newton's General Equation of Motion

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Re: The Physics behind Inertia Control
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Please stop posting multiple short posts in a row, and just make your point, stringing along like this is not appreciated.

You have made a few mistakes so far:
1. You changed the sign of the exhaust velocity in the equation between equation 1 and 2.
2. If you want p in your equation 1 and 2 to represent the momentum of a rocket body, you need a term that accounts for the momentum that the propellant had before it was ejected.
3. A ship propeller displacing seawater is an example where there is an external force. There are forces between the water and the propeller, and the water is external to the system of interest.
4. Your equation 3 makes no sense, because Δm is undefined, you have used it both for an increment of an external medium, and for something in a diagram that you have not explained, but seems to represent a closed system.
5. Your postulate is contradicted by everything known about physics and every experiment ever performed.

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Re: The Physics behind Inertia Control
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That was quickly debunked.

Locking with the debunk in place as a warning to make others think and check their basic facts before posting on a forum of this quality.
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