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In Situ Resource Utilization -- NextSTEP-2 BAA
« on: 12/07/2017 04:27 PM »
NextSTEP-2 BAA Appendix D: In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Technology
Solicitation Number: NNH16ZCQ001K-ISRU
NASA intends to issue an Appendix to the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships -2 (NextSTEP-2) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) in the near future to solicit ideas and technologies to advance In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) capabilities.
NASA will be seeking proposals for research contracts in areas for design, fabrication, and testing of critical components and subsystems for acquisition and processing of extraterrestrial resources into water, oxygen, and fuel, using technologies and processes that leverage and support space or terrestrial commercial activities. While mission timeframes for ISRU technology are all in the 2020's and later, development of these technologies needs to begin well before the listed time horizon.

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Re: In Situ Resource Utilization -- NextSTEP-2 BAA
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The BAA specifically calls out lunar surface elements of ISRU.
"Resources at the Moon, asteroids, and Phobos or Deimos may also be important for human exploration of the Moon and Mars."
However, this will require Lunar Landers and NASA is espousing public/private investments.

Here are two "primers" for ISRU lunar volatiles for fuel and water

From March of 2017 2017-12-07T18:12:25+00:00Z
EXPLORATION. Gerald B. Sanders, NASA-Johnson Space Center, 2101 NASA Parkway, Houston, TX,

From 2012 2017-12-07T18:24:53+00:00Z
Progress Made in Lunar In Situ Resource Utilization under NASA’s Exploration Technology and Development Program by Gerald B. Sanders1 and William E. Larson

The BAA specifically calls out these two references:
 Lavoie, Tony, and Spudis, Paul, “The Purpose of Human Spaceflight and a Lunar Architecture to Explore the Potential of Resource Utilization”, AIAA Space 2016, Long Beach, CA, 13-16 September 2016
(not available to the opublic)

 Miller, Charles, Wilhite, Alan, et al., “Economic Assessment and Systems Analysis of an Evolvable Lunar Architecture that Leverages Commercial Space Capabilities and Public-Private Partnerships”, July 2015
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Re: In Situ Resource Utilization -- NextSTEP-2 BAA
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Since this is a small but still a source of funds. I wonder if SpaceX is going to submit proposals for ice-mining, processing, power , and prop production/storage as components Track 2 and systems/subsystems Track 3. They could get ~$100K per component proposed could end being a significant amount of funds $1M+ with 10 or more critical components from these systems. Even though SpaceX's proposals would be component and systems targeted for a Mars surface environment, many components/subsystem/systems probably would be applicable to the Lunar environment as well. This NextSTEP-2 BAA is for both environments Lunar and Mars. But it also could be inclusive of asteroid ISRU.

If NASA accepts asteroid target systems under this tech development I wonder if they may get some proposals from the asteroid mining companies also?

It will be interesting who submits proposals.
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