Author Topic: McLean Fahnestock's The Grand Finale, revised.  (Read 542 times)

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 I'm sure many of you are familiar with McLean Fahnestock's The Grand Finale collage of all 135 Shuttle launches. While I respect her artistic abilities, I could never watch it without being bothered by her overemphasis on the loss of Challenger. I was bored on this layover and decided to revise it, and throw in a few extras and Easter eggs.

 I make no claim on the material or my revision (I'm no lawyer, but since all the footage was shot by NASA, who owns what?), I'm just doing this for my own enjoyment, and hopefully, yours. I do ask that you do not include it in any for-pay material, please.

Thanks to Chris for the help uploading it to YT.


You might be a Space Geek if you can ID the missions I got the audios from. (the background engine sound is a generic shuttle launch engine sound from YT.)
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