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Re: ISS Rack configurations
« Reply #60 on: 07/22/2018 09:56 PM »
I thought an update was necessary. I've tried to update the locker and drawer facility list, and update the sub-rack facility topology. I'm trying to make the configuration post SpX-15. I also want to make the configuration after HTV-7. Unfortunately I don't info on where the ER-9B and ER-10B (Basic Express Rack) are planned to be located.
Thanks for the PM's with info about locker relocation and the HTV-7 payload manifest.

It amazed me that the EMCS was decommissioned and trashed (rotors will return on SpX-15). Does anyone have information why EMCS was phased out? Was it worn out, or are MPV's more efficient replacements. Or is there a new facility that requires the four locker locations of EMCS, possibly SPECTRUM.
It's very likely there are errors in this document. Please bring forward errors, and feel free to correct the document.
Is there a document on L2 with accurate topology info? I've the impression there isn't a lot of intrest in this document.   

Do others share the feeling that starting with HTV-7 NASA is increasing the utilization of the ISS again.
On HTV-7 Four new ISPR class facilities will be launched:
- ESA's barter element the ACLS, also named Live Support Rack (LSR) [I stick with ACLS]. This will be placed in LAB P1, the stowage location for Robonaut 2.
- two Basic Express Racks ER-9B and ER-10B. [NASA]
- The Live Science Glovebox (LSG), LSG will be mounted in the ZSR at JPM F5 (besides ER-4). It will most likely launch inside one of the Basic Express Racks.
There is also a unknown (to me) internal experiment experiment on the HTV-7 manifest, the Loop Heat Pipe Radiator (LHPR). Has anyone been able to find more info about this? (It sounds like a new radiator or heat exchanger technology. Will in be coupled with PCHx (Phase Change Heat Exchange), or is it a indipendant experiment?)
HTV-7 will also bring 6x Li-Ion batteries to the ISS as replacement for 12 old ones.
I wonder where they plan to place the HTV ULC (Unpressurised Logistics Carrier). ECOSTRESS is residing at the normal EFU(#10) for the ULC.
I didn't knew there was a EFU(#13) on ELM-PS. I thought there was a FRGF (Canadaarm grapple fixture) there. Has that always been a EFU of was it modified during a EVA?
Could it be used to stow HTV ULC?

Sorry, more questions than answers this time. There's a interesting period ahead for the ISS. AFAIK, lots of new sub-rack facilities (drawers and lockers) will catch a launch to the ISS.