Author Topic: NSF News Site Redesign Update (WORK IN PROGRESS) - September 2017  (Read 5488 times)

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Great link to a valid argument.

I'm sure there's a happy medium somewhere in here, I and most of my readers hate wasted space. Maybe fixed column widths larger than news print, but still using the bulk of the width of the page I can see, with two or three columns. Again JMTBW.  Keep up the good work Chris.

 Having an average article stretch the full 100% width of my 27 inch monitor is not helping the readability in my opinion. The new design will scale with your browsers width but up until 1200/1300px width for content. That way most people enjoy the content on almost their full browsers width. People width (very) large displays will have empty filler space at the left and right of the content but most people would prefer to read an article like a book instead of watching a tennis match, right ?

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I would add to the other comments that I would like to see the link to load the full website a lot more obvious and up-top than it has been.  No matter what you do, most mobile devices will try to force you into either the mobile version of the site, or loading Tapatalk, when you access it.  Preferably, I'd like an option to load the full site kept in cookie and maintained from one access to the next, but seeing as how I clear cache/cookies frequently, I would also like a "Want to see the full site, not the mobile version?  Click here!", right at the top, in larger-than-standard text.

Just my two cents... :)
-Doug  (With my shield, not yet upon it)

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I hear you on that Doug, although when I've been skipping down the road and had to check the forum on my iPotato, and the phone says "I fink you mean tapatalk, right guv?" and I frown, I scroll down and "FULL SITE" is at the bottom.

Recently, I've found the phone has given up forcing tapatalk on me and loads the full site on my phone :)

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Just did a double subedit where I prepped William's SpaceX article on the current site but also did a version for the new site in the Dev CMS.

Difference is amazing ;D

Wish I could show you, but it's a password protected Dev site. But NSF News site articles look amazing.

Oh and sneak peek....captions. People have always asked for picture captions. ;D

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Heartfelt Thanks,,,, for brightening the days of hopefully lost space dreamers. I mean this in a Sober Thankful way!