Author Topic: suggestions for a Political Economy of Space Sector course outline  (Read 929 times)

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Dear all,

I am a political economist at Amsterdam University, focused on EU. I am planning to propose to my department to include, from 2018, an elective course on the political economy of the space sector. The course would be for third year students in political science, minors in Political Economy and in International Relations. I'd like to have your opinion on my draft outline:

1)   A short introduction to space politics through history
2)   The economics of the space sectors: introduction
-   Why states invest in space?
-   The sectors of the space industry
                     Rocketry, satellite manufacturing, services; the value-chain
-   Barriers in the space sector
                     Structural barriers: technology, policy choices
                     Economic barriers: entry costs, development costs
                     Production rates, return on investment and the role of government demand
-   Market models: monopolies, oligopolies
3)   The politics of the space sector
-   Domestic politics
                     Research and national prestige; industry protection and continuation; constituency appeasement;
                     homegrown rocketry
-   International politics
                     Military competition, scientific cooperation?
4)   The governance of the space sector
-   International governance
                      OST, Moon Treaty, ISS Agreement; the role of the UN. The issue of planetary protection.
-   European Governance
                      The ESA and national space agencies cooperation
5)   New trends
-   “old” vs “new” space?
-   Challenges and benefits of reusability
-   In-space manufacturing
-   The issue of property rights
-   Tourism and private manned activities
-   Towards permanent settlement?